Wine of the Month in March: Pinot Noir 2017

In March, everything is obviously all about Pinot Noir here. When we first planted the variety in Etyek in 2001, we believed and trusted that it would one day gain significance in the entire wine region. Today that has become a reality. Our 2017 Pinot Noir has gained success both domestically and internationally over the past year. The grapes were processed by hand, fermented on the skin for two weeks and then aged for 10 months in 300-litre Hungarian and French oak barrels. The result is a classic, pale ruby coloured wine with an elegant appearance, complex aroma and taste profile in which the ripe red fruits are complemented by spices such as nutmeg, rose pepper and vanilla.

If you feel like tasting it, grab a few bottles at the Wine Bar or order simply via the Kúria Shop.

* The current “Wine of the Month” offer is valid between March 1st and March 31th, 2021.