Wine of the Month, December: Pinot Noir Selection 2016

We selected an outstanding red wine to be December’s Wine of the Month, the freshly debuted Pinot Noir Selection 2016. The backbone of this exceptional wine is given by the Pinot Noir harvested from the Nagy Látó-hegy vineyard, the varietal we planted as pioneers in the wine region. Since 2015 we pick out the most promising lots every year to for 10-months of aging in first-fill Austrian and French 300 litre oak barrels. Following the maturation process we blend the best of the best, thus only 1,021 bottles of exceptionally elegant Pinot Noir Selection were made from the 2016 vintage. In addition to the light violet and rose floral notes, the wine which shows exceptional complexity in both flavour and aroma, shows the fruitiness of raspberry, cherry, and rosehip, furthermore spices such as white pepper, ginger and nutmeg also appear. A festive and profound wine that can be enjoyed for a long time.

If you feel like tasting it, grab a few bottles at the Wine Bar or order simply via the Kúria Shop.

* The current “Wine of the Month” offer is valid between December 1st and December 31th, 2020.