Rosalie Von Edeck × Etyeki Kúria

After last year’s highly successful cooperation, this year we also started a joint project with Etyeki Sörmanufaktúra, the great results of which will be presented at our Wine Bar on the first weekend of July.

To make our beer-enthusiastic friends happy, after last year’s Brut Edeck, we bottled Rosalie Von Edeck this year. The new batch was made by fermenting late-harvested kékfrankos must and light ale wort together. The rosé beer shows hoppy and floral notes in the nose, while the palate is dominated by fruits and grapevines. Round and easy to drink, beautifully balanced beer that will be a pleasure to drink on our terrace accompanied by other items of the Kúria Baskets.

For the introductory weekend we are preparing with tasty Kúria Baskets. Thanks to @Pearl Event and Wedding, they are packed with delicious snacks to ideally complement the two bottles of Rosalie Von Edeck beer specialty, as well as the Kúria Rosé that is also part of the selection.

The Kúria Rosé is the only still rosé in our assortment, which is also a kékfrankos-based blend. A real vibrant fruit bomb that abounds in pink grapefruit and raspberry aromas and further nuanced by hints of rosepepper. We encourage you to taste this rosé wine with our kékfrankos must influenced beer during a picnic.

If you got in the mood for a beer-wine adventure make sure to book a Kúria Basket for two for Saturday or Sunday and chill-out on our terrace or right in the shade of our vineyards.

Contents of the Kúria Basket:
2 bottles of Etyeki Sörmanufaktúra Rosalie Von Edeck
1 bottle Kúria Rosé 2019
Pearl Event & Wedding delicacies for two
The price of the basket is HUF 10,000 which includes drinks, food and cutlery for two people. Once you finished, please return the baskets to the Wine Bar so we can refill them.

A great alternative to car travel is the solution of Etyeki Hétvégék Borjárattal. There is no need for a car nor a driver – the whole company can enjoy fine wines. Buy your ticket in advance for HUF 3000 (on the spot HUF 4000) for the Wine Tour and enjoy unlimited hop-on-hop-off traveling all day long between Budapest Center, Etyek and the Etyek Cellars. Details:

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