Mini ChardonNITE Weekend

In June it’s been all about Chardonnay with us for years. Unfortunately this year we have to give up on celebrating this variety with a grandiose, day-long event with lots of guest wineries. The package we compiled in collaboration with some of our Etyek 360 society members in order to help you get in your glass as many excellent chardonnays as possible was a huge success during the month.

Heading towards the end of June we did some serious brainstorming with Etyek360 and decided to say goodbye to the month of chardonnay and dedicate the last weekend to this variety. Saturday morning all Etyek 360 members will pay their visit at our Wine Bar, where you’ll be given the chance to meet the representatives in person of these 7 wineries between 11 and 12 AM.

We prepare thematic tastings for the whole weekend where you can meet the chardonnay interpretations of Etyek360 members under the expert guidance of our barmanager, Kitty Borsos. Among the numerous different selections, you are guaranteed to find the “tasting menu” you like.

In case you would take home the atmosphere of the weekend we have compiled a package of the entire Etyek360 society in addition to our already existing Etyek chardonnay selection, which will also be available for purchase in our Wine Bar.

You can also find our previous package here:éj_otthon_package

Contents of the Etyek 360 wine package:
1 bottle Orosz Gyula Családi Pincészete – Chardonnay 2019
1 bottle Rókusfalvy Birtok – Chardonnay 2018
1 bottle Etyeki Kúria – Chardonnay 2018
1 bottle Hernyák Birtok – Chardonnay 2018
1 bottle Haraszthy Pincészet – Chardonnay 2018
1 bottle Anonym Pince – Szinkópa 2017
1 bottle Kattra Pincészet – Ágnes Chardonnay battonage 2017
The price of the package is HUF 16,500

This time Pearl Event & Wedding will be in charge of the accompaniments for the wonderful wines.

× Dips with vegetable bars for 2 people HUF 4500
(eggplant cream with pumpkin seed oil, hummus, cheddar, veal liver pate, bread)

Main courses:
× Chicken breast on its skin with asparagus fried in butter HUF 3900
× Red mullet with coriander butter sauce, crispy vegetables and bulgur HUF 4500
× Green pesto gnocchi with Mangalica tenderloin HUF 4700
Vegetarian option:
Green pesto gnocchi with grilled goat cheese HUF 4500

× Créme brulée HUF 1700

If you don’t want to let go of June without chardonnay either, make sure to book your table for ChardonNITE Mini Weekend at

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