An outstanding vintage

We all are going to remember 2020 for a long time, guaranteed. This year has presented everyone with difficulties never seen before, it was no different in the wine sector. However, apart from the headache caused by the epidemic this vintage proved memorable in other respects as well.

Year by year the harvest is the most awaited period. We say the word that good wine is born in the vineyard. It’s a bit like working all year round for this short but extremely intense period. Throughout the year we keep track of the weather forecasts, look for more and more innovative solutions to reach the highest possible quality and to feel a little satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing that we tried our best.

This year we succeeded. In the first months we could not be so sure of the outstanding harvest results regarding the yields and extreme concentration levels exceeding previous periods.

Let’s see what affected us and the freshly harvested fruits during the last growing season.

The relatively mild and dry winter was followed by a challenging, for both man and vine, droughty spring. We have been experiencing for years that precipitation can be a serious difficulty for the vineyards. From time to time its quantity and dispersion causes headaches, that is why we are working to keep the soil’s water holding capacity in the most optimal condition. The fact that neither our Sopron or Etyek vineyards suffered from the lack of spring rains is due, inter alia, to this conscious work.

The extraordinary drought until May was followed by a balanced summer period for which we are very grateful. There were no extreme swings. The long, hot periods missed us this year, therefore the vines could develop ideally. Storm and frost damage fell behind in both our Sopron and Etyek areas. This year, we have not had to worry about the increasingly typical sunburn damage of recent years. In addition to balanced and extreme heat-free weather, this is of course also due to conscious work in the vines.

Everything happened just at the right time, we did not have to harvest too early this year, unlike previous vintages. The fruits developed nicely and evenly, and we became more and more confident about the result.

Nature is the wisest teacher and playmaker because it didn’t let our attention waver for a moment or allow us to be sure about this vintage after the ideal summer.

This vintage’s biggest difficulty is also its beauty: the concentration. Although the harvest period began right on time (in the first third of September in Etyek and a few days later in Sopron) it was not easy to determine the exact dates. The fruit was amazingly substantial: high acids, high extract, high sugar and a perfect balance. Timing was the key to pick them in their most ideal state.

The tense pace of the endgame could not have gone so well without such a great team. In recent weeks, the boys have worked seven days a week under the precise guidance of our chief winemaker, Sándor Mérész and our viticulturist, Dani Mészáros.

One could say that the hard part is over, we should sit back and enjoy, but this is certainly not the case in the life of a winery. The second act is just beginning, the period of shaping the long-cherished fruit into wine and then the cycle begins all over again. We work the vine, we do what we have to, we trust.