A difficult year on the scales

The shortly receding 2020 presented everyone, including our winery with a number of unexpected tasks to be solved. After twenty-four hard working years, including the busy 2020, we still face the future with a smile and extreme confidence.

Despite the fact that one pan of this year’s balance abounded in errands and hitherto unknown difficulties, the other pan though can be said without any modesty to have crumbled in great results.

We were finally able to finish with a brilliant harvest, the growing season starting out with a drought spring, which we wrote about earlier. Planting our Sopron vineyards were completed right on time through community collaboration, the adventurous events of which we summarized here.

It has always been typical to us to happily send our wines to domestic and international competitions so that we can further develop by learning from the professional feedback we receive. This almost a-quarter-of-a-century-long story has been highly praised by judges of many prestigious competitions during the year. Our work has been confirmed time and time again upon receipt a score, a prize or a placement. Without being exhaustive, we were extremely proud of our results below this year.

This spring on Mundus Vini more than 260 experts evaluated a total of 7500 samples. With 91 points our Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc received one of the twenty gold medals that Hungary won altogether. On this very competition our Kúria Red 2017 got a demonstrative 86 points from the jury.

Late summer our wines appeared in two prestigious domestic top 100 selections. Dr. Attila Fiáth, DipWSET, international wine academician, Master of Wine aspirant, led the jury of Világgazdaság’s issue about Top 100 Hungarian wine. Our 2018 Chardonnay and 2017 Pinot Noir were 38th and 29th on their list. In this year's selection of Winelover’s 100 best Hungarian wines, our first sparkling wine, the Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc took an extraordinary second place in sparkling category.

We just took a few breaths after receiving the results of the top 100s, when we got the news about our 2015 Pinot Noir being awarded gold medal with 89 points on Mondial des Pinots competition in Switzerland. These news shocked us to the point to release a minor quantity of our safely guarded deposit for sale.

The results of the Decanter World Wine Awards are surrounded by huge anticipation in the international wine world every autumn. At this year's competition the Kúria Red 2017 won a bronze medal with 89 points. It is a huge achievement for us that our base level red wine is getting confident results even in strong international challenge.

Late November our long-cherished dream came true thanks to the help of our latest overseas partner. Robert Parker, one of the most influential wine experts of our time and his team have been tasting and judging wines from all the wine-producing countries of the World for more than three decades now. The fact that Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate evaluates a wine is a huge thing for a winery virtually regardless of the result, as it is guaranteed to receive a professional and objective judgment, which will definitely make a progressive impact on the winery’s work. Mark Squires, the team’s wine expert in charge for the Eastern European region, tasted and evaluated three of our wines. All three items received a very positive critique, which is also reflected in the high scores. The 2016 Kékfrankos from our Sopron vineyards received 89, the 2017 Pinot Noir 87, while the winery’s first sparkling wine, the Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, which will go on sale early next year, received 86 points.

The cherry on top of our wines’ overseas adventures that they also participated in the USA Wine Ratings 2020 competition, led primarily by traders and HORECA professionals. Our 2017 Pinot Noir and the Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc also finished with over 80 points and critical acclaim in this contest.

We cannot pass even the last days of the year without success. In December, we turned out to take place on “Borigo Top 100” list as well. Our 2017 Pinot Noir reached the illustrious 10th place with 91 points, while our 2018 Chardonnay finished 28th with 90 points in the magazine.

In the last 12 months in addition to the above we have been enriched with a number of results and criticisms all of which contribute to our work in their own way. We are grateful to work in a professional team where these results can be achieved year after year, with whom we look forward with curiosity and confidence to the year ahead and the ones that follow.