+52 Event & Gastro Hall x Etyeki Kúria – Caucasus on the grill

On the 20th of June, we’ll have another amazingly exciting guest on the terrace of Etyeki Kúria to please all the gastro-lovers out there. This time Marton Stoller, grill and BBQ master, chef of Plus 52, will take over the terrace to fly the guests all the way to the Caucasus Mountains in the form of a hearty feast. During his travels Marci “found home” in Georgia, so whenever he can he is keen to show the lifestyle of Georgia and other neighbouring countries through the flavours of the Caucasus.

On this day he‘s going to use his newest weapon of choice, the BBQ Pit Box® Mobile Fireplace. Marci is not only a professional master of meats and various barbecue tools, but he is also a certified herbalist and mushroom expert, so we are guaranteed to taste exciting flavors during the event. Of course Kitty Borsos, the bar manager of the Etyeki Kúria will be in charge of wine pairing.
The dishes should be enjoyed here:

– Appetizer dish from the Black Sea: eggplant rolls stuffed with walnuts, chicken wings with walnut sauce, beetroot hummus pie
Recommended wine: Chardonnay 2018

Main courses
– Mtsvadi, i.e. marinated pork shashlik Etyeki Kúria style with onion salad, parsley and pomegranate
Recommended wine: Zweigelt 2016

– Veal and lamb cevapi with flatbread and salad
Recommended wine: Kékfrankos 2016

– Double Mediterranean vegetable stew i.e. “lecsó” with flatbread (vegan)
Recommended wine: Kúria Rosé 2019

– Georgian apple donut in a cauldron with Etyeki Kúria Pláne sparkling espuma by Piszkor.
Recommended wine: Pláne White

The wonderful environment is granted along the way. Enjoy the sunshine and the panorama of Etyek on the terrace of Etyeki Kúria surrounded by lush vineyards. No advance ticket purchase is required, but table reservation is recommended. Book your table at vinoteka@etyekikuria.com and wait for our written confirmation.

A great alternative to car travel is the solution of Etyeki Hétvégék Borjárattal. There is no need for a car nor a driver – the whole company can enjoy fine wines. Buy your ticket in advance for HUF 2,600 (on the spot HUF 3,600) for the Wine Tour and enjoy unlimited hop-on-hop-off traveling all day long between Budapest Center, Etyek and the Etyek Cellars. Details: www.borjarat.hu

You don’t have to worry about safety, the purpose of the reservation is just to grant you a suitably airy and open space. Our staff works in accordance with all mandatory regulations and recommended precautions. Adhering to proper physical distancing is extremely important to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to keeping the prescribed distance of at least one and a half meters between each person we reduced the number of seats accordingly. Maximum 4 persons per table is recommended and please, if you are able always wear a mask when in public.