Nature Protection in the Winery

Nature Protection in the Winery

…and beyond


You cannot cultivate short-term thinking in a vineyard. Grapevines can live up to 100-150 years – if they are carefully taken care of. In light of this, sustainable agriculture and climate protection are issues of primary importance for Etyeki Kúria.

No matter how devoted the winemaker is, how well he works, climate will determine, to a great extent, the quality of the vintage. The effects of climate change are already present, evidently our winery operates according to the principles of environmental sustainability.

Considering integrated wine production, we are moving towards less chemically reliant measures; if necessary we exclusively use nature-friendly sprays. By covering the soil between two rows we fight not only against soil dehydration, but also against weeds and erosion.

In the winery a lot of water is used, but is done as economically as possible. We have been trying to perfect our water management for years by building downhill ’roads’ between the rows and creating water brakes and micro terraces. On ’Öreghegy’ rainwater is collected in a 60m3 tank. In 2013 we  installed  a double drainage system  making it possible to treat communal and technological water separately.

In the grapes we put out several nests, since birds help us with pest control.

Energy is provided partly by solar panels; the cooling/heating system is operated on a heat pump principle. Byproducts are not treated as waste either, grape mark and lees are sent for further processing, and are used for feed or organic fertilizer.

Naturally, waste is collected selectively both in the vineyard and in the winery.

As we are here for the long term, and want the next generation to enjoy our high quality grapes and wine, our objective is to take care of the surrounding nature. Environment protection is our responsibility, so we do our best to run a sustainably managed winery.