MSP Zenit 2019 among top 10 international white wines

The best white wines of this summer have been listed by the prestigious British daily newspaper, The Independent.

The Independent recommended ten excellent wines from all over the world to their readers. On this notable list is our Etyeki Kúria’s MSP Zenit 2019, which is the sole Hungarian wine. ( MSP means Mérész Sándor Project, involving our chief winemaker’s experimental items).}

The grape ’zenit’, grown in Etyek-Buda region, is a crossbreed of the old Hungarian ’ezerjó’ and ’bouvier’ grapes and makes for very popular light summer wines.

This refreshing, fantastic MSP Zenit 2019, with pear and stone fruits flavor, pairs perfectly with light summer food.

The author of the article, the English winemaker, John Clark, highlights the freshness of the wine as well as the green attitude of Etyeki Kúria.

Congratulations to Mérész Sándor, our chief winemaker and his team!

We are honoured!