We celebrate our winery’s 25th anniversary this year. We have gathered innumerable memories along the past quarter of a century, from which we recall some defining snapshots. We were the first to plant the Pinot Noir grapevine variety in Etyek, which has since become one of the most important varieties in the wine region. In the early 2010s, we created an innovative estate center that we can be proud of to this day. Besides Etyek, we also set foot into Sopron and we have created exciting wines harvested from the best areas of the wine region. Thanks to our excellent chief winemaker, Sándor Mérész, our wines have won much domestic and international professional recognition. With our experimental project wines, we are constantly looking for new challenges and new innovations.

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Now is not the time for reckoning, but rather for the beginning of our jubilee celebration.

We never thought we would have to celebrate this important anniversary in such special circumstances, but as we have adapted to everything else in recent decades, so have we adapted to the current situation. We believe that there will be a number of positive occurrences in 2021 that we will be able to proudly recall over the following years. We do not rest for a moment, we are constantly developing our vineyards, our assortment and activities and of course we are preparing surprises for our consumers. We believe to soon have the opportunity to celebrate together in person but in the meantime check out the activities in which you can take part from afar.

Keep an eye on our online platforms to learn about all of our birthday programmes!  Celebrate with us, and be a part of the 25th anniversary year of Etyeki Kúria!